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gmo free food grade fluid soya lecithin liquid

Product Details

 Item No:HXY-5SP

gmo free food grade fluid soya lecithin liquid







Soya lecithin

Assay Acetone insoluble


Ether insoluble


Acid value






Peroxide Value (mmol/kg)



transparent liquid.

Shelf life

12 months


This product is refined from high quality soybean through deep processing. it is natural green food with excellent surface activity and physiological function and products are rich in lecithin, cephalin, phospholipids inositol, essential fatty acids, and contains natural vitamin E and phytosterol and other active ingredients.

Packing :

Liquid ( without pallet )


1. 200kgs net weight steel drums(small mouth & top open)

small mouth :1x20 fcl can load 98 drums( two layer standing and one layer sleep), with 19.6tons total.

top open: 1x20 fcl can load 80 drums  ( two layer standing ), with 16 tons total

2. 20 liters Portable plastic drums, with 12 tons total

3.200kgs HDPE drums:1x20 fcl can load 80 drums ( two layer standing ), with 16 tons total

4.1MT IBC drums:1X20fcl can load 20 IBC drums, with 20tons total

5.Flexi bag packing with 22 tons total


Pallet:Wooden fumigation pallets can be added as per request.

Adding pallet: all 200kgs drum,4 drums on one pallet,20 pallets, 80 drums/16mt for 20'fcl max.