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Bulk supply NON-GMO soya soybean lecithin powder with best price

Product Details

Soya Lecithin Characters:
Color: Light Brown to Yellow
Physical Appearance: Viscous semi-liquid
Taste: Characteristic of Soya
Solubility: Insoluble in Water and Acetone

Soya Lecithin  Main Specification:
Acetone insoluble: 96%
Moisture: 1.00%
Color Gardner: 12-14 range
Hexane Insoluble: 0.05 Max % 
Acid Value:30mg KOH/gm Max.
Benzene Insoluble: 0.3% Max
Peroxide Value: 5 meq per Kg Max
Viscosity at 25DegC: 150 Poise Max

Application IN FOOD: 

as natural emulsifier, antioxidant, wetting agent, viscosity. Modifier FOR ICE CONE / WAFER, BAKERY, CONFECTIONERY, BISCUIT, etc

Package and Shipping:

Packing: with 25kg carton box(5kg*5bags), Inner PE bags, outer packed with aluminum foil bag, then packed in carton box
8.75MT will load in 20'fcl max with pallets