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Water Soluble Soya Lecithin Powder Application In Chocolate Making

Published on Mar. 07, 2019

Water Soluble Soya Lecithin Powder is used in the production of chocolate and is mainly used as a viscosity reducing agent, emulsifier and moisturizer. In chocolate production, because cocoa butter is neither soluble in water nor oil-soluble, it is difficult to distribute it evenly in chocolate candy. When 0.5 to 1% lecithin is added, cocoa butter can be completely dissolved and evenly distributed in sugar. At the same time, the viscosity is reduced by more than 50%. It provides convenience for the processing. Make the chocolate taste refreshing and not sticky, and maintain a Light Yellow Soya Lecithin Powder surface gloss.

According to the production practice of domestic candy factories, the production of chocolate with 0.3% lecithin can save cocoa butter and prevent "whitening".

Water Soluble Soya Lecithin Powder