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The Role Of Food Industries Soya Lecithin Powder In Bread Manufacturing

Published on Mar. 15, 2019

The addition of Food Industries Soya Lecithin Powder to bread has become common in Europe and Australia. Initially only added to bread cream, cake cream. Since the fluidity of the cream after adding lecithin is increased a lot, it brings great convenience to the processing of the bread cream. Because of its hygroscopicity and anti-oxidation, the color and luster of the bread cream remain unchanged, and the softness of the bread can be maintained, and the bread is not hardened. The lecithin-added bread has increased pores and a correspondingly enlarged volume.

Tests by domestic manufacturers have shown that the addition of 0.6 to 1% of Brown Yellow Soya Lecithin Powder can uniformly disperse the moisture in the dough and form a protein complex with wheat protein. The bread is extended, elastic and expansive, the moisture is not easily lost, and the softness of the bread is maintained. The pores of the bread heart are even and small and bulky, making the bread softer and slowing the hardening of the bread.

In the production of taro and cakes, adding about 1% lecithin can increase the elasticity of the food, reduce the viscosity, make the product softer, increase the volume, soften and smooth the surface, and the internal structure is even and fine, the fragrance is increased and it is not easy to be lost.

Food Industries Soya Lecithin Powder