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Food Industries Soya Lecithin Powder Application In Pasta

Published on Mar. 06, 2019

Food Industries Soya Lecithin Powder is already an essential additive in the manufacturing of nutritious noodles. Macaroni with egg lecithin and egg noodles are particularly long and straight, greatly reducing the amount of eggs, and not easy to boil, not easily deformed. The reason is that the adsorption of lecithin forms a composite gel, which effectively prevents the colloid which expands due to the inhalation of water. In addition, lecithin can prevent the evaporation of noodle moisture, and because of its strong water absorption, it can maintain the softness of the noodles without being cracked or deformed. Because phospholipids are antioxidants in the warehouse, they maintain the color of the various foods.

In the production of noodles, if the gluten content of the flour is less than 24%, adding 2% Brown Yellow Soya Lecithin Powder can reduce the breakage and increase the taste and nutrition.

Domestically produced in Harbin and other places have produced a variety of candy added with lecithin, which is very popular among consumers. This kind of candy is rich in nutrients, easy to digest and absorb, contains important substances that make up nerve cells in the brain, and has the effect of promoting children's intellectual development. Phospholipids are added to the candy, not only the tissue is delicate and soft, but the color is light yellow and the appearance is very elegant.

Food Industries Soya Lecithin Powder