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What Are The Functions Of Pharmaceutical Grade Phosphatidylcholine?

Published on Mar. 20, 2019

Pharmaceutical Grade Phosphatidylcholine has been widely used in the feed industry because it plays an important role in the feed. The following small series focuses on the analysis of the immune function of soybean phospholipid oil powder.

1. Soybean phospholipid oil powder is an essential substance for the apolipoprotein required for the liver to rotate the fat outward. It can also increase the fat transport capacity of apolipoprotein, reduce fat deposition, prevent fatty liver, protect the liver, and improve the detoxification function of the liver. .

2, its emulsification helps fat digestion, absorption, transport, but also repair liver cells, promote liver cell regeneration, add Food Industries Soya Lecithin Powder, the animal's liver is significantly increased.

3, well provide animal immune system vitality, enhance immunity, increase the stress of macrophages, promote the proliferation of T lymphocytes to improve immunity, increase anti-stress ability and disease resistance.

4. Effectively consolidate the integrity of the respiratory mucosa and enhance the ability to resist respiratory diseases.

Soybean phospholipid oil powder can also improve the digestibility of fat and the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and other nutrients in weaned piglets, thereby eliminating the belly caused by indigestion.

Pharmaceutical Grade Phosphatidylcholine