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What Are The Nutritional Value Of Food Grade Soya Lecithin Powder?

Published on Mar. 23, 2019

(1)Food Grade Soya Lecithin Powder is a source of high thermal energy: Soybean phospholipid oil has an energy equivalent to 2.25 times that of carbohydrates and protein. Soy lecithin oil is easily formulated into a high-energy feed, which is especially important for broilers and piglets.

(2) Soybean phospholipid oil is one of the important sources of essential fatty acids: essential fatty acid deficiency can cause skin keratinization, growth inhibition, reproductive dysfunction, and decreased production performance. Plant-derived soybean phospholipid oil provides abundant essential fatty acids.

(3) Hydrolyzed Soya Lecithin Liquid For foods has an additional thermal energy effect: the added soybean phospholipid oil and the soybean phospholipid oil in the basal diet have a synergistic effect on the fatty acid composition and complement each other. For example, the metabolic energy of tallow and soybean oil averaged 29.04 MJ/kg and 35.40 MJ/kg, respectively. When the two were mixed at 1:1, the metabolic energy became 35.19 MJ/kg, not the average of the two. For example, in corn and bean cake diets, there is about 3% of vegetable oil, and the heat energy provided after adding tallow is higher than the heat energy contained in itself.

(4) Soybean phospholipid oil can promote the absorption of pigments and fat-soluble vitamins: the color and fat-soluble vitamins in the feed, such as vitamins A, D, E, K, etc., must be dissolved in fat before they can be digested, absorbed and utilized by passive objects.

Food Grade Soya Lecithin Powder