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Physical And Chemical Properties Of Pharmaceutical Grade Phosphatidylcholine

Published on May. 09, 2019

Pure products such as Pharmaceutical Grade Phosphatidylcholine and cephalin are white waxy solids and crystallize at low temperatures. Since the phospholipid molecule contains a large amount of unsaturated fatty acid, it is easily oxidized by oxygen in the air. After standing for a while in the air, the peroxide-forming polymer changes its color from white to yellowish brown, and turns brownish black over time. .

The color of Chemical Industry Soya Lecithin Liquid comes mainly from two parts: one is brought into the soybean material, like carotenoids, chlorophyll, etc.; the other part is the brown substance produced during processing. The amine group in the browning reaction may be the phospholipid cholestyramine in the phospholipid, and the free quinone in the phospholipid, the bound saccharide may provide the aldehyde group required for the Le browning reaction. The aldehyde group formed by the unsaturated fatty acid in the phospholipid upon oxidation may also be a factor in the formation of the aldehyde amine condensation reaction. The brown material in phospholipids is characteristic of many aldehyde amine condensation products in foods. Study on the degree of oxidation of lecithin: The unsaturated bond in the lecithin molecule is easily oxidized by the structure which combines with oxygen to form a diene bond, and the color changes from white to yellow or brown. After oxidation of lecithin, the resulting liposome has a low encapsulation efficiency, an increased leakage rate, and hemolytic toxicity, so the degree of oxidation should be controlled. The dilute structure formed by oxidation of lecithin has absorption at 233 nm.

Pharmaceutical Grade Phosphatidylcholine