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Message Of Soy Lecithin

Published on Jun. 19, 2019

Non GMO Lecithin Powder is a kind of fat contained in soybean, a kind of phosphorus fat, and one of the lipid components needed by the human body. Greek is the meaning of egg yolk, also known as "natural brain gold". Lecithin is The basic constituents of human cells have a decisive role in the normal metabolism and life processes of cells.

Lecithin is present in every cell of the human body, mainly constituting the cell membrane structure and involved in cell metabolism. Brain, liver, heart, kidney and other important organs have the highest content of lecithin. Its main function is to dissolve cholesterol and resist atherosclerosis; to form cell membranes to activate cells; to activate brain function and prevent senile dementia.

In addition, Non GMO Soya Lecithin is also the protector of the liver. Due to heavy drinking or overnutrition, the burden on liver cells is increased, reducing the ability of the liver to synthesize phospholipids. When the body's phospholipid choline is insufficient, it will lead to a large accumulation of fat in the liver, forming fatty liver, causing the liver to be damaged, and liver function is reduced, causing cirrhosis and even liver cancer.

Non GMO Lecithin Powder