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How To Identify High Quality Non Gmo Soya Lecithin Powder?

Published on Jun. 15, 2019

●Two major characteristics of Non Gmo Soya Lecithin Powder

1 It is not resistant to high temperature, and the temperature is above 50 °C. During a certain period of time, the activity will gradually destroy and disappear. Therefore, taking lecithin should be taken with warm water.

2 the higher the purity, the easier it is to be absorbed

● Identify high quality lecithin

High-quality soy lecithin capsule health products should be brown, clear, transparent, without any sinking or impurities, with a nutty aroma, smooth capsules, if there is a slight adhesion between the particles and the particles, it can be separated by a slight shaking, which is normal. Phenomenon, if the liquid is oozing out after opening the package, or the capsule particles are stuck together, and cannot be completely separated or drawn, the lecithin may be leaking soft capsule caused by temperature or the product is inferior product.

Non Gmo Soya Lecithin Powder