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The Role Of Soy Lecithin

Published on Oct. 17, 2019

Soy Lecithin is a product extracted from the oil foot of soybean oil. It is an ester composed of glycerin, fatty acid, choline or cholamine. It is soluble in oils and fats and non-polar solvents. Soy lecithin are complex in composition, mainly containing lecithin, cephalin, inositol lecithin, phosphatidylserine, phosphatidic acid and other lecithin. Soy lecithin is obtained by extracting lecithin from soybeans, usually by solvent extraction and then centrifuging. It is then obtained by alcohol washing. soy lecithin are light yellow to brown viscous liquids or white to light brown solid powders. soy lecithin not only has strong emulsification, wetting and dispersing effects, but also plays an important role in promoting fat metabolism, muscle growth, nervous system development and anti-oxidative damage in vivo. So what are the specific aspects? Our Soy Lecithin Supplier come to tell you.

First, the application of soy lecithin in the food industry

Lecithin have long been listed as safe, multi-purpose food additives and emulsifiers in the world. They are widely used in foods, such as in baked goods, chocolate and confectionery, instant products, margarine, shortening and pasta. Lecithin are added to foods, not only to emulsify, wet, demould, reduce viscosity, solubilize, disperse, anti-oxidation, but also combine with starch and protein to improve the taste of food and prolong the shelf life. Increased the nutritional content of food. Therefore, lecithin are considered to be an inexpensive, versatile raw material in the food industry.

Second, the application of soy lecithin in medical care

lecithin are used in health care and have been rapidly growing in the past 20 years. According to reports, Iris Ralhanen, chairman of the International lecithin Society and a pharmacologist, pointed out: "The consumption of lecithin can improve the memory of the elderly and the aging brain cells, especially in children who are growing up." The research on lecithin, especially lecithin, as a human health care product and medical supplies has been paid more and more attention by experts in nutrition, pharmacy and medicine. To this end, countries around the world set off a hot spot for lecithin. In order to prevent and treat modern diseases, especially for the prevention of senile dementia, the majority of women for beauty and weight loss, children and adolescents need to be brain-healthy. Soy lecithin. lecithin in the United States are the most important nutritional supplements developed in the past 30 years. In Japan, it is said that lecithin are based on modern medical, pharmacy, and nutrition knowledge, and are the most effective substances in the biochemical reaction process.

Soy Lecithin Powder

Soy Lecithin Powder

Third, the application of soy lecithin in leather chemicals

The effect of lecithin on leather is summarized as lubrication, plasticization, thickening and hydrophobicity.

1. Lubrication

The soy lecithin component contains a certain amount of neutral oil, which can lubricate the leather fiber and impart a certain softness to the leather. It also prevents oxidation of oils and acts as a surface protector.

2. Plasticization

soy lecithin have a plasticizing effect on proteins, and the softness and elasticity of leather can be improved by increasing the plasticizing effect on collagen fibers.

3. Thickening effect

It seems more appropriate to explain the thickening effect of soy lecithin by chemical "filling". soy lecithin is a phosphate-containing surfactant. The molecule contains other active groups in addition to the phosphate group. Therefore, it can be chemically combined with collagen fibers to form a complex.

4. Hydrophobic effect

The leather is treated with a soy lecithin product, the non-polar lipophilic group is oriented toward the air, and the polar hydrophilic group is directed to the surface of the fiber to form a layer of water-repellent oriented adsorption layer on the surface of the leather fiber, so that the leather has a certain water release effect.

I believe that you can see that soy lecithin has applications in all aspects, and there are many benefits, whether it is for the human body or chemical, if you want to buy soy lecithin related products, you can contact us, our company has Soy Lecithin Powder extracted from lecithin, also has food grade translucent soy lecithin liquid, our products meet the estimated quality standards, we will not be wrong.