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Source of Light Yellow Soya Lecithin Powder

Published on Apr. 18, 2019

Light Yellow Soya Lecithin Powder is a kind of pure natural nutritious health food. It has a wide range of sources. It is mainly found in cells of animals and plants. It is the main component of biological cell membranes. There are many heart, liver, brain, kidney, bone marrow and eggs in animals. The plant seeds are concentrated in oil crops, such as peanut kernel phospholipids, which are 0.4-0.63%.

Pharmaceutical Grade Soya Lecithin Powder is a life-based substance. It is not only an important component of human biofilm, but also a source of choline and fatty acids. It plays a key role in maintaining the physiological activity of biofilms and the normal metabolism of the body. Known as "vascular scavenger", lecithin is a comprehensive nutritional supplement that is often added to prevent and improve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, brain and brain, prevent fatty liver and cirrhosis, and beautify the skin. effect.

"Lecithin" is derived from the Greek word "Lekiths" and means "egg yolk." In 1844, the Frenchman Gohley discovered lecithin (lecithin) from the egg yolk, and in Greek named Lecithos (lecithin in English) also opened the mysterious veil of lecithin. Since it was extracted from the egg yolk from the beginning, the first named "lecithin" actually contains the following components: phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylethanolamine, phosphatidylinositol and the like.

We first clear a concept: the market "lecithin" is a mixture of various phospholipids, rather than the purified "lecithin", in order to distinguish the two, we call the former "Phospholipid", the Chinese name is "phospholipid "The latter, called "phosphatidylcholine", the Chinese name "lecithin". "Chemical name: "phosphatidylcholine".

Light Yellow Soya Lecithin Powder