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Application of Soya Lecithin Powder in Candy

Published on Mar. 02, 2019

In the food industry, Soya Lecithin Powder can be widely used as a good emulsifier, moisturizer, softener and antioxidant in various foods such as pasta, sugar products, baked products, beverages, dairy products, convenience foods, and the like. It not only improves the quality of food, prolongs the shelf life, increases the nutritional content of food, and provides high-quality resources for the development of new products for nutrition and health care.

Worldwide, about 60% of the use of lecithin is used in the food industry, 20% in the feed industry, 10% in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, and 10% in other areas. The use in the food industry is summarized as follows:

Non Gmo Soya Lecithin Powder plays a very beneficial role in the manufacture of butterscotch (such as crispy sugar, creamy peanut butter, sorghum, etc.). It is very difficult to mix sugar and cream. Even if the mixture is evenly mixed, the sugar is separated from the cream after cooling. Add 0.3-0.5% lecithin as an emulsifier to mix the sugar and cream quickly and uniformly. After cooling, it will not separate. It is. It can also prevent the occurrence of creping, granulation and oil removal.

Soya Lecithin Powder