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Non Gmo Soya Lecithin Powder Selection Criteria

Published on May. 22, 2019

1. Choose high-concentration Non Gmo Soya Lecithin Powder: Soy lecithin products on the market are mainly capsules and granules, of which capsules are the main ones. The capsule concentration is low, the lecithin content is about 60%, and the main active ingredient phosphatidylcholine (PC) is about 15.7%. The particle concentration is higher, the lecithin content is lower at about 97%, and the main active ingredient phosphatidylcholine (PC) is about 24%. The concentration of soy lecithin particles is 1.617 times that of soft capsules. The price of 100 grams of soybean lecithin soft capsules commonly found on the market is about 80 yuan, while the price of 225 grams of soybean lecithin granules is about 100 yuan. After calculation, if the same content of lecithin, the price of soft capsules is higher. The particles were 2.906 times. Therefore, in terms of cost performance, soy lecithin is much better than soft capsules.

2, choose Food Industries Soya Lecithin Powder: Hyperlipidemia is a chronic disease, need to take long-term control of blood lipid products, if the product has side effects or contains harmful substances, it will accumulate and enlarge in the body. Soy lecithin soft capsule contains 25%-35% soybean oil, and also adds food additives such as gelatin and glycerin to the shape and fluidity of the capsule, while the granule contains less than 3% of soybean oil, soybean oil and glycerin The intake of these oils may increase the body of the hyperlipidemia people who are heavily loaded with fat. Therefore, in terms of safety, particles are generally better than soft capsules.

By comparison of concentration and safety, we can see that soy lecithin granules are better than soft capsules, but not all soy lecithin granules can be purchased with confidence!

3, choose no residue, no added soy lecithin granules: In today's increasingly serious food safety, food additives, organic solvents and heavy metal residues are increasingly threatening our lives, so we have to look at the third point - whether there are residues.

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