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Health Care Effect Of Soy Lecithin Powder

Published on Nov. 11, 2019

Phospholipids have been well received since they were used. If we eat Food Grade Soy Lecithin , it can inhibit the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine, it can lower blood cholesterol and anti-fatty liver. In addition, this product can also promote cell proliferation and make it vigorous. Mainly used for atherosclerosis, acute and chronic hepatitis, fatty liver, cirrhosis, neurasthenia and so on. The ointment can be used for chronic ulcers and the like.

Mechanism of action of soybean lecithin powder

1 Mechanism of action on the liver: Phospholipids are the basic skeleton of the lipid bilayers that make up the cell biofilm (cell membrane, nuclear membrane, mitochondrial membrane), and are also the main components of various lipoproteins. Therefore, phospholipids are essential for the body, commonly known as Phospholipids Soy lecithin powder can bind to damaged liver cell membrane in intact molecular form, repair damaged liver cell membrane and promote liver cell regeneration. Soy lecithin powder can also bring the fat in the liver into the blood to emulsify into small particles. The dual effect of soy lecithin powder on repairing liver cell membrane and digesting liver fat is more effective for fatty liver.

2 Mechanism of action on blood vessels: Phospholipids are involved in the transport of fat and cholesterol. When the phospholipid in the plasma is too low, the cholesterol/lecithin ratio increases, and cholesterol deposition causes atherosclerosis, so the phospholipid has an anti-hypercholesterolemia effect. If you take 5-7 grams of soy lecithin powder every day, it can significantly reduce cholesterol content for 2-4 months, relieve all kinds of discomfort caused by hyperlipidemia, and have significant effects on treating hyperlipemia, high cholesterol and arteriosclerosis.

3 Mechanism of action on the nervous system: Phospholipids are essential components of the brain and nerve cells. Studies have shown that in patients with mental disorders, the amount of phospholipids in brain cells is only half that of normal people. After taking soy lecithin powder, it undergoes hydrolysis in the body to produce choline, glycerophospholipids and fatty acids. Choline continues to be converted to acetylcholine in the body, a substance that has a rejuvenating effect. Therefore, taking soy lecithin powder regularly can improve the neurochemical function and brain function of the human body, slow down the degradation and death of brain cells, and enhance physical fitness and memory. At the same time, phospholipids have the effect of making the inner structure of nerve cells grow vigorously. Therefore, phospholipids can be used to improve neurasthenia and alleviate the symptoms of neurological disorders.

Food Soya Lecithin Liquid

Food Soya Lecithin Liquid

So what is the method of taking soy lecithin powder? Soya Lecithin Powder Manufacturer will come to tell you.

Many people are familiar with lecithin, but often take a poor effect. One of the important reasons is that the method of administration is not correct. Usually, the amount of phospholipids per patient is 5-8 g/day. If you consider the problem of gastrointestinal absorption, actually The daily dose should be 8-20 grams, taken twice, after meals. The middle-aged and elderly people over 50 years old should be around 15-20 grams, and more consumers are taking capsules. Since the capsule contains about 40% or more of fat, 2-3 capsules per day, calculated according to 1200mg per capsule. If the true lecithin content is at 2.16 grams, considering the absorption factor, the daily absorption is only about 1.71 grams, which is far from the needs of the human body. Therefore, not only the effect but also the excessive intake may be Fats and oils increase blood lipids. Therefore, advise middle-aged and old friends, we should choose powder or Food Soya Lecithin Liquid, take 7-10 times, twice a day. It should be washed with warm water of 50 degrees or less or with milk.