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Food Grade Soya Lecithin Liquid Can Delay Aging

Published on Jun. 05, 2019

There are 60 trillion cells that delay aging and constitute the human body. In one second, 500,000 people will die and 500,000 will be regenerated. As we age, the number of cell deaths will increase, and fewer cells will regenerate. When the number of cell deaths is greater than the number of regenerations, people begin to age. The metabolic process of cells is regulated by the cell membrane. The health of the cell membrane is directly related to the cell's self-repairing ability, information transmission ability, ability to resist external aggression, cell activity and regeneration ability. The cell membrane is mainly composed of lecithin. Adding Food Grade Soya Lecithin Liquid to the human body means repairing damaged cell membranes, improving cell membrane function, softening and rejuvenating cell membranes, and increasing cell viability. Through the intake of lecithin, it can improve the body's metabolic capacity, self-healing ability and the ability of antibody tissue regeneration, enhance the vitality of the human body, and fundamentally delay the aging of the human body.

Food Grade Soya Lecithin Liquid