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Fish Oil Lecithin

Published on Feb. 10, 2020

Usually, doctors don't prescribe one kind of medicine to people, but recommend several kinds to take with them. The same is true for many health products. The effect is better when they are taken with fish oil. The same is true for fish oil lecithin. Many people mistakenly think that fish oil lecithin is just a single health product when they hear it, but it is not true. So, what is fish oil lecithin? Is there any effect and effect of fish oil lecithin? Lecithin Factory will tell you next.

Many people usually choose fish oil or deep-sea fish oil. Fish oil is a collective name for all the oil substances in the fish. It includes body oil, liver oil, and brain oil. The main fish oil is an oil extracted from fatty fish and has anti-inflammatory properties. , Regulate blood fat and other health benefits. Lecithin is the basic substance of life, and human life is inseparable from its nourishment and protection. Therefore, it is known as the "third nutrient" that is tied with protein and vitamins. Fish oil and lecithin each have different effects. The reason why fish oil and lecithin are combined to form fish oil lecithin is because these two are generally taken together.

Generally speaking, fish oil users are mostly middle-aged and elderly people, but the middle-aged and elderly people's liver absorptive capacity is generally poor. Therefore, to play the role of fish oil more safely, the help and cooperation of lecithin are indispensable. The elderly can take fish oil at the same time as lecithin, which can achieve a complementary effect, which is why fish oil lecithin is said.

Fish oil and lecithin generally need to be taken together, so how to eat fish oil lecithin? Don't worry, Soya Lecithin Liquid Supplier will come and tell you next.

Soya Lecithin Liquid

Soya Lecithin Liquid

Fish oil is best taken with lecithin, generally 1: 2 or 1: 3 is the best effect, and the elderly 1: 3 ratio is better. Taking the two together does not mean taking them at the same time, but taking them together throughout the day. For example, taking 1--2 capsules of fish oil in the morning and 1--2 capsules of lecithin at night can be more effective.

Deep sea fish oil and lecithin are health products, and there are no strict requirements for taking them. Although fish oil and lecithin are effective together, we must remember that deep-sea fish oil and lecithin are only health products, which can only help the treatment of diseases and cannot replace related drugs. Therefore, if you are sick, you still need to go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment, and you can’t rely on health supplements without authorization to avoid causing illness.

The applicable population of fish oil lecithin can be divided into the following categories.

1. Infants, children, and adolescents: Although the number of brain cells after birth no longer increases with age, the network of nerve cells must be increased and brain cells must be enriched. These require a large amount of DHA and EPA, and fish oil eggs Taking phospholipids together can enhance brain vitality, eliminate brain fatigue, and enhance memory.

2, pregnant women: DHA in fish oil is necessary for fetal brain development, it is mainly important for the growth and development of brain nerves. There are about 15 billion human brain cells, 70% of which are already formed in the mother's body. Infancy is the most critical period of brain formation and development. Pregnant women taking fish oil and Food Grade Lecithin can ensure the smooth development of the fetal nervous system.

3. Middle-aged and elderly: Fish oil is rich in DHA and EPA. It is a nutrient that cannot be ignored by the elderly. It can delay the brain's insignificance and prevent the decline of brain function. Lecithin can enhance brain vitality, eliminate brain fatigue, enhance memory, and repair damaged brain cells. Therefore, fish oil lecithin can prevent the occurrence of senile dementia.

The above is the related introduction of fish oil lecithin.